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30 Oct 2023

Balancing Technical Expertise with Managerial Responsibilities

In the dynamic world of software engineering, the transition from a technical expert to a managerial role is a remarkable journey. As you ascend the ranks to become a senior engineering manager, your expertise remains the foundation of your success. However, balancing your technical responsibilities with the demands of leadership is a skill that defines your effectiveness in this dual role. In this blog, we'll explore the art of maintaining your technical edge while excelling as a manager. We'll share insights, strategies, and practical tips to help you navigate the delicate equilibrium between your technical prowess and managerial responsibilities. It's a challenging but rewarding path that can empower you to lead your team to greater heights.
18 Oct 2020

Multicloud portability for Go Applications

Often teams want to deploy robust applications in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, and migrate their workloads between cloud providers or run on multiple cloud providers without significant changes to their code. To achieve this, they attempt to decouple their applications from provider-specific APIs in order to produce simpler and more portable code. However the short-term pressure to ship features means teams often sacrifice longer-term efforts toward portability. So how can Go developers achive this portability?
12 Sep 2020

Pragmatic evolution of Cloud Native Application Infrastructure — Part 1 Popular Wars

Infrastructure as code(IAC) is more popular now than ever. Terraform and AWS CloudFormation are popular IAAC tools that helps model…
14 Aug 2018

10 sensitive AWS-IAM permissions that can lead to stealthy shadow admins

“Cloud shadow admins can undermine the security of the cloud infrastructure and allow malicious actors to persist silently within it,”…
28 Jun 2018

Microservices is all about data done Right!

We’re going to explore probably the hardest problem when creating and developing microservices. Your data. Using Go/Spring…